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Mukono Court Issues Arrest Warrant Of Ex O.W.C Agent over Sodomy Scandal

Magistrate court in Mukono district has issued a warrant of arrest against former Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) agent for Ntawo zone one Charles Buwembo.

Buwembo 38 is suspected to have been engaged in sodomy practices.

It’s alleged that a one J.Namazi, owner of Blue Bar & Night club, Mukono district called police fire brigade over fire that had gutted her bar said to have started by rowdy mob.

The incident happened in wee hours of Saturday morning at the herein bar & night spot, on Mpoma, Kalagi road, Mukono district.

The rowdy night club goers accused the bar owner of having connections with the homos and other sex workers to use her bar as a meeting point for unnatural sexual activities.

Namazi, (bar owner) recounted the loses and the horrific events that was caused by the angry mob who attacked her and set her business point accusing her of hosting homos at her premises.

“I didn’t know what was happening, Musa Sajjabi was just a friend, I didn’t know that he’s among the homo or he’s a gay”.

She added,” I can’t tell between a gay man and straight man” Had I known that, i would have them from coming & meeting here, Namazzi added.

Chairman, Local council of Ntawo-zone Mr.Acidri.Knox, also said that one of his resident/tenant reported the suspected sodomites a one Buwembo Charles and Musa.Sajabi.Sajabi (the deceased) to him about the culprits’ unnatural sexual behaviors.

The bar which was set a blaze by the angry mob

The deceased who was set a blaze

“As local council authorities, we passed a resolution to chase Buwembo away from our community “chairman added.

He further added that Buwembo had bad morals so they couldn’t let him stay with him in the same community because of his dirty sexual acts.

Acting Mukono District Police Commander, Asp, Dickson Muhwezi, also said police will hunt down those who were involved in lynching the suspected homos.

The people who carried out mob justice will be hunted down, arrested & brought to book & will be presented before court to face the law,” Muhwezi said.

Its worth to note that the Ethics & Integrity minister, Hon, Rev Father Lokodo Simon, ordered the general public to stone all those suspected to be sodomites.

Contrary to section 145A of the Penal Code Act, 2014 Homosexuality is illicit in Uganda and within East African Community.

it’s punishable up to 7 years in prison to the first convicts as well as life imprisonment to the second homosexuality convicts/offenders and those promoting homosexuality within EAC.


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