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Ugandan Rebels Kill 16 in DR.Congo in Weekend

About 16 people were killed over the weekend in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo by the Ugandan Allied Democratic forces operating in North province of Beni.

Seven people were killed in two separate attacks by suspected ADF fighters on Saturday evening in the Beni territory according to Captain Mak Hazukay, spokesman for the army Congolese army in the region.

The first attack took place at 4 pm in the village of Mangobko near the town of Mbau on the National Road No. 4. Here, six people were killed. Two hours later, another group raided Oicha killing one person.
“The army intervened quickly and avoided a heavier balance sheet, ” Mak Hazukay said.

Omar Kalisya the president of the civil society in Mbau says the attacks also displaced a number of people who scampered for their lives.

Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) on Saturday also raided Sikwahila village in Mangobko near the town of Mbau on the RN4 in Beni territory.

Rebels stormed the village at around 5.30 pm and shortly afterwards ambushed a civilian vehicle from the city of Oicha. Three people were killed on the spot, two injured and the vehicle burned, according to local civil society.

“There was a new incursion of the ADF rebels in Sikwahila, the enemy who had just invaded the village also ambushed a Fuso-type vehicle leaving the city of Oicha for the city of Beni. Unfortunately, three people were killed on the spot, two wounded and the vehicle burned and we recorded loss of some children as a result of detonations that caused people to flee. “says Omar Kalisya, president of the civil society of Mbau

The same Saturday, five people were shot dead in an attack by armed rebels in the city of Sake, located in the territory of Masisi (North Kivu).

Among the victims was a Congolese FARDC soldier who was guarding TRABMECO.

Six other people were shot and wounded and are receiving treatment at CEBCA / Ndosho Hospital in Goma.

In the recent days, Ugandan rebel forces operating in the troubled DR.Congo stepped up attacks on both civilian population and the government forces leading to loss of hundreds of lives and property.

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