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Wanted Bakaleke Flees Country for Kyeyo

The former Regional Police Commander for Kampala Metropolitan and ex blue eyed boy to former Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura Hajji Siraje Bakaleke who is also wanted by Court dead or alive on charges of aggravated robbery has fled for Kyeyo abroad, we have learnt.

Close relatives of Bakaleke whom this investigative website talked to revealed that, Kampala south regional police commander fled the country few weeks ago after court issued warrant of arrest against him.

Sources say, Bakaleke went on road up to Nairobi where he boarded the plane to one of the European countries.
It is reported that he could not use Entebbe Airport because court had already issued a warrant of arrest against him and his passport could be detained.

Another close friend to him added that ACP James Ruhweza who is the head of security at the Airport had also vowed to arrest him on arrival because the pair had prior grievances.

“Bakaleke has been hiding in one of the tycoon’s home in Kampala hoping that some big fish from Government who also hails from Busoga would block court from prosecuting him,” said one of his close relatives who are in police.

He added that when the big fish failed to rescue him and court issued warrant of arrest, the tycoon who was harboring him got scared and chased him away from his house.

Another close friend to Bakaleke told us that when the tycoon chased him, he went to his house and begged him to keep him for three days as he finds his way out.

“Bakaleke spent four days in my house before he fled, a source told us. He added that Bakaleke begged the man to drive him up to Busia where he got the bus to Nairobi.

Bakaleke could not use taxies because he feared he could be arrested on the way.

A close friend in police who also hail from Busoga escorted him to Busia where he boarded the next bus to Nairobi.

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