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Frank Gashumba Scoops 200m Deal at Stv

Now, just like it’s said in the Bible thus he who has shall be added, the man himself, Malingumu Frank Gashumba has now got a push of shs one hundred and fifty million (150m) courtesy of Stv to spread further his inspirational and motivational speaking skills!

Here is a break down; Gashumba will be conducting a show named after him dubbed ‘Morning with Gashumba’ which will be running from 7am-10am daily at monthly take home of UGX 25m per  month for the first six months contract which totals up to UGX 150m.

According to our snoop who eavesdropped the conversation, Gashumba first signed six months  to test the ‘waters’ but can renew at the expiry of six months.

The show will purely be motivational and inspirational aimed at mindset change of the young generation whom Gashumba said have deeply degenerated into politicking 24/7.

When you tune to all radios, TVs in the morning, all you hear is politics. Youth have been used too much by greedy politicians, they can’t think otherwise right now.


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