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Security Names Top Kampala Fraudsters Wanted Over Fake Gold Scam

Intelligence services have named Kampala’s top group of the organized gang of criminals wanted for a running a racket of fake gold business syndicate.

They are accused of conning billions of money from inspecting businessmen, investors and other foreigners.

Most of their victims are from United Arab Emirates, Dubai, United States, and Sweden among many other European countries.

According to information, president Museveni has been getting intelligence briefings from intelligence agencies most especially Internal Security Organization about these fake tycoons who deal in fake gold with hundreds of complaints being shelved by police.

Angered by the reports, the commander in chief ordered for a crackdown on the gang and charges them before courts of law.

It is reported that many have been arrested while others fled the country with help of some police officers who are the beneficiaries.

The President’s worry was that the criminal syndicate paused a danger to potential investors and a threat to both national economy and national security.

“All security agencies headed by CMI, ISO and police are working together with police mineral department unit to conduct the operations”. A source said.

These gangs also operate an illegal business of fake dollars which they exchange for real money to their unsuspecting clients.

Such Organized criminal gangs remain a threat to national security because of illicit money they sneak into the country through fraud, drug trafficking and other related crimes which can end up into wrong hands like funding rebellion, terrorism.

Because of being rich, it is very difficult to charge them in courts of laws because they have capabilities to hire very expensive lawyers and bribe security officers in order to defeat justice.

Those who are wanted are Semakula Bashir, Bash Serunjoji, Bitibwa Griffin Matovu Kajumbula, Abdul Mansoor, Balekage, Apollo Bazenga,Abdul Kilyiwape,Sekalala Forbes,Kaitala Hassan,Katongole Ronald,Mugisha Tony and Lutakome Ismail.

Against this back ground, security last week swung into action and arrested another member of this gang one Don Nasser real name Isaac Nduhukire for conning UAE national billions of money gold related deals.

Don Nasser is detained at SIU Kireka.

Nasser conned a Dubai based businessman of $5M and fled to Kampala where he has been hiding from the authorities for over three months.

Nasser was smoked out of a ceiling in a house belonging to one of his pals after police officers were tipped off about his whereabouts by an informant.

He was found in custody of fake dollars and fake gold.

His accuser Johnny Hill came out claiming Nasser had conned him of over $5M in a fake gold deal.

He was in the country with Interpol officials to hunt for Nasser in order to recover his money in the supposed 75kg gold deal.

He already has sanctions against from UAE government.

UAE government reportedly wants Kampala to hand him over for prosecution.


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