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Museveni Threatens to Dissolve NAADS Secretariat

President Yoweri Museveni has warned that he will dissolve the National Agriculture and Advisory Services (NAADS) secretariat.

The president’s warning follows a complaint raised by Sheema district chairman Kabigumira David who said that Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) inputs are delivered to farmers out of the planting season.

Speaking during celebrations to mark the NRM victory in Sheema north, Kabigumira said the practice most times leads to the drying up of the seedlings due to harsh weather conditions.

In response, Museveni blamed the procurement process at National Agricultural Advisory Services (Naads) secretariat and said that this time he will sack the entire entity leadership

He wondered why Naads secretariat cannot be keep money for the next right planting season than procuring inputs very late for farmers adding that the trend is sabotaging government efforts of helping subsistence to transform into commercial farming so as to raise enough household incomes and end poverty.

He commended the people in Sheema for not having voted for opposition in the Sheema parliamentary elections unlike those in Buhweju district who voted for Mwijukye Francis and is just busy fighting the ruling party.

The president said that Mwijukye’s actions will not benefit the constituents in terms of service delivery.

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