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Ugandan Rebels Kill 12 People in DR Congo Attack

At least 12 Congolese civilians were killed on Thursday by suspected Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) fighters in Mayangose, a village east of the city of Beni in North Kivu province. 

The victims were killed using machetes around 7 am when they were working in their fields, according to local civil society.

During the day, the Congolese army trying to recover the bodies of the victims was prevented by fierce resistance from the attackers.

According to the mayor of Beni, Nyonyi Bwanakawa, only two bodies were recovered.

“Until 3Pm on Thursday, there were still 12 people killed, only two bodies had been collected and when the FARDC tried to recover more bodies, it was repulse by the attackers”. Says Bwanakawa

The killings come as the army announced that it had regained control of the village of Kididiwe in Mayangose ​​ the ADF strategic base.

On 13 November, the army and the MONUSCO intervention brigade (FIB) launched the joint planning operation known as “Usalama” to destroy the ADF rebel camps from which they launch attacks against the civilian population.



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