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Not Yet Over: Siragi Bakaleke kicked out of New Office

Assistant Commissioner of police Siragi Bakaleke’s woes are not yet over again, SpyReports writes.

The latest information from Naguru police headquarters is that Bakaleke has been further kicked out of his new office where his former boss and friend Gen Kale Kayihura deployed him.

Bakaleke had been appointed Acting Commissioner in charge of Police Political Education by former IGP Kayihura before his unceremonious sacking by appointing authority, the commander in chief Gen.Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

According to a police letter signed by the director Human Resource and administration Hajj Moses Balimwoyo who is the deployment officer for all police personnel, Bakaleke has been asked to leave office to allow room for prosecution to take place.

Bakaleke has been suspended together with ASP Herbert Akankwasa, Robert Asimwe, Ayebale and Kenneth Zirintusa.

They are facing charges of unlawful arrest and confiscation of property.

Patrick Onyango the deputy police spokesperson was yet to confirm by the time this story was posted.

Bakaleke also the former Kampala Metropolitan South regional commander together with his co-accused are implicated for allegedly extorting more than Shs1.4 billion (USD 400,000) from two South Korean nationals.

He is reported to have masterminded the scheme that led to gunpoint extortion from the two foreigners who were in the country to purchase gold.

The South Park Seunghoon and Jang Shingu Un were to meet some gold dealers at Acacia Mall in Kampala where their lawyer Paul MugoyaWanyoto had set up the meeting.

South Koreans revealed that when they reached Acacia Mall, instead of meeting the said dealers, they were surrounded by security operatives, put on gunpoint and asked to hand over the money they had.

Shs1.4 billion was handed over to the police officers before the two South Koreans were arrested and detained at Katwe Police Station.

After detention for two days, police officers bought two air tickets with Emirates Air and planned to repatriate the two foreigners to South Korea using some of the extorted money.

On the day the two were supposed to fly back to South Korea however, the plane left them behind as they were being transported from Katwe Police Station to Entebbe Airport.

It was a moment of confusion as the police officers quickly bought other tickets with Rwanda Air but before the two foreigners could board the plane, Flying Squad operatives on instructions from State house surrounded the place, arresting three police officers who had escorted the suspects.

Bakaleke the mastermind was also subsequently arrested detained at Railway police station before he was released on bond in the night.

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Tome Sawyer Award Winning Journalist

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