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Rebel Chief calls for Boycott of Cuban doctors

Ugandan US based rebel chief and political activist Capt Richard Abuka Olango says Ugandans should boycott Cuban doctors who are coming to Uganda to replace Ugandan doctors.

The government through the Health ministry is in advanced stages of bringing in 200 doctors from Cuba and hire retired Ugandan medical professors to plug manpower gaps in Uganda.

The proposal was mooted at the height of the doctors’ industrial action and Cabinet discussed and gave it the green light.

Cuba has a reputation for having one of the best health systems in the world.

The Caribbean island nation, once ruled by Fidel Castro and later his brother Raul, provides more medical personnel to the developing world than all the G8 countries combined, according to reports.

The issue of importing Cuban doctors has been a divisive one, with critics vehemently voicing their resistance to it – predominantly from the financial viewpoint.

However, Capt Abuka also a Museveni critique says the move is disastrous, hazardous and unsafe to work in Uganda hospitals.

“I learned about the Importation of Cuban Doctors to replace our native Ugandan Doctors with major concerns. The issues of Cuban Doctors perturbed me, because; they are disastrous, hazardous and unsafe to work in Uganda hospitals”. Says Abuka.

The rebel chief says Uganda citizens must be careful or avoid Cuban Doctors, due to the facts that, some of them are Semi _ qualified and lack the skills required to work in the hospitals.

“For example, in the United States of America, some Cuban Doctors are not allowed to practice or work in the hospitals due to lack of medical skills. The fact is, there were cases where Cuban Doctors (Anesthesiologists) were unable to give proper amount of Anesthesia to patients for Surgeries (operations). Consequently, patients woke up in the middle of Surgeries and in some cases patients died due to excessive Anesthesia. So, that is what may happen with the Cuban Doctors in Uganda hospitals” he adds.

He noted that “Other issues which concerned me about the Importation of Cuban Doctors are linguistics differences and unemployment caused by outsourcing Doctors from Cuba. Cubans speaks Spanish and outsourcing Doctors from Cuba will improve unemployment in Cuba at the expense of higher unemployment rate in Uganda…NB. Ref. Opportunity cost and the laws of diminishing return in Economics”.

He says Ugandans should reject the move and boycott it and instead put the government to task to look into the demands of native doctors by improving their pay and other essential needs at their places of deployments.

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