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Police secretly Releases 19 Magara Murder Suspects, Pato Exonerated

Police last night released 19 suspects who were arrested in connection to the murder of Susan Magara.

The 19 suspects who were first arrested following the gruesome murder and have been undergoing interrogation from police and other investigators from the military intelligence.

It is reported that during interrogation of lawyer Muzamil Bikanga, he pinned his accomplices as one Twaha and Hajara.

Bikanga also confessed that he Twaha and others at large kidnapped Magara and killed her.

Muzamil has been among the Tabliq leaders in USAFI mosque and has been running a Madarasa school in that area.

A source narrated that police and the military are remaining only 3 key suspects in this murder and their file is already sanctioned by DPP to face charges of Kidnap and murder.

Sources from police narrated to this investigative website that, when Muzamil was asked whether he knew Pato, he said he didn’t know him and has never heard such a name.

Pato has since been exonerated in this murder and now police is looking for him on a case of kidnap of 2013 where he kidnapped a woman.

Source added that, Police fears to say that he is not involved in Magara murder because he might sue government for tarnishing his name and they will pay him dearly.

They have created another file of kidnap of 2013 against him.


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Tome Sawyer Award Winning Journalist

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