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Amuru leaders face dismissal for failing Museveni

Local government leaders in Amuru District in the Acholi Sub-Region could all be dismissed if president Museveni goes by his word.

The president accuses the local leaders for failing to not take their responsibility seriously and stop people from cutting down trees.

“When I was flying from Rwakitura to Adjumani, I was shocked to see that the dense Zoka Forest had disappeared. I am to send a team and if I find out that trees continue to be cut, I am going to dismiss the CAOs because they are appointed by Government to make sure that there is law and order. They are experts who know how the Government should run,” he said.

Mr. Museveni explained that the dismissal would not only stop at their failure to ensure no tree cutting but would also include poor running of other government services like health and education sectors in the District.

He made the remarks during a fundraising drive for the construction of Atiak Technical Institute that took place yesterday at Lwani College grounds in Atiak, Amuru District. The President pledged Shs.400 million towards the institution’s construction. The funds will be availed in the new financial year.

An estimated Shs.1.7 billion is required to erect two dormitories, a library, an administration block and staff quarters. The President’s portrait fetched over Shs.24 million yesterday after auctioning by Amuru District Woman MP, Lucy Akello.

Referring to Apaa land dispute, the President told the people of Atiak that he will meet with the various stakeholders for a way forward basing on factual information. He said that the delay in disposing off the Apaa land issue was as a result of their electing leaders who are liars.

“Here in Uganda, nobody can stop you from staying anywhere as long as you are there legally. It does not matter whether you are Acholi or Madi. The issue of boundary should not waste your time. We will just look at the colonial borders which are in the Ministry of lands,” he remarked.

Museveni expressed his condolences over the death of 250 people who lost their lives because of the disputes involving Apaa land.

He added that compensation for the victims has delayed because the elected leaders in the area were not doing enough to reach out to him.

The President encouraged the people of Amuru District to embrace the four-acre mode of production in order to get household income so as to banish poverty. He also advised them to undertake fish farming.

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