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Diarrhea Attacks 134 Children Rescued from USAFI Mosque

Hundreds of children who were rescued by joint security operation from USAFI mosque are reportedly too sick at Kibuli CID headquarters, SpyReports has learnt.

Sources from Kibuli narrated to SpyReports that the children are sleeping outside without mattresses and mosquito nets ever since they were transferred there.

“Some are too sick and 23 have been admitted with diarrhea and malaria, they sleep badly on a bare floor”. Said a source.

Source added that police lacks medical supplies and accommodation to provide better living conditions for the children.

It is also reported that the children who were all radicalized have since refused to talk to police to provide any leading information to their families and what they were being taught in the mosque.

By the time of posting this information, over 12 parents were camped at CID headquarters in Kibuli with hope of seeing their children but were told to leave because police are still conducting investigations.

Police spokesperson SP Patrick Onyango said that, “they are still investigating these children and their parents, that’s they can’t allow anyone to access them”.

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Tome Sawyer Award Winning Journalist

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