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Pastor Reveals Brina Nalule Killers after CMI Squeezing, Two Arrested

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has arrested two more key suspects in connection to the Kidnap and murder of former YMCA Student Brinah Nalule, this website has exclusively been informed.

The suspects who are now undergoing serious interrogations in the CMI custody based in Mbuya are identified as Ali Damba and Ibrahim Sekisambu reported to be residents of Makindye division Kampala district.

According to our highly placed security sources the pair was arrested on Monday night in their hide outs based in Namasuba Kikajjo zone along Entebbe road.

Our source also intimated to us that CMI has been silently looking for the two prime suspects ever since Nalule was kidnapped and murdered.

Brina Nalule was kidnapped in the old taxi park and killed after demands by her captors for 10 million shillings were not met.

“When we arrested Pastor Ronald Wambuzi shortly after the girl’s body was found, he revealed to us that he hired Ali and Ssekisambu to ask ransom from the deceased’s parents and when they failed to find the money, they killed her,” said a source adding that even after Nalule was buried, they have been demanding the money from her parents.

The Source added that CMI kept trailing their movements and tracking their phone conversations until they were arrested.

“ We now have three key suspects in connection to Brina murder but we are still looking for more because Pastor said the deal was involved by over six people and we must arrest all of them,” added another CMI source.

The security source added that the three suspects will appear in court on murder charges as they continue trailing the three other suspects.

When contacted Luke Owoyesigire the police spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan, he confirmed the arrest of other suspects in connection with Nalule’s murder but declined to reveal their particulars saying that the report will be soon released by his bosses.

Nalule left her school on 9TH May after Pastor Wambuzi sent her shs 35000 as transport.

The deceased spent the whole weekend at Wambuzi’s home in Mbiko in Njeru town Council in Buyikwe district.

She left Pastor’s home the following Monday and was later kidnapped in Taxi Park heading back to school.

The kidnappers later used her phone and called her parents demanding a ransom of shs 100m to release her or kill her.

The parents failed to raise the money and the killers kept reducing the money and by the time they killed Nalule they had demanded shs 5m which the parents failed to raise.

Her parents had reported the matter to police prompting the Flying Squad Unit to start tracking her number.

However, before police could get a breakthrough, they received a call from Kabawo zone in Mutundwe notifying them about a body of an unidentified woman which had been dumped in a bush.

Police later picked up Pastor Wambazu for questioning. In his statement, Wambazu says Nalule left his place in Mabira for Kampala at around 5 pm, a day before the alleged kidnap.

Wambazu has been Nalule’s lover.

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