Salah injury is God’s punishment for breaking his fast, says Kuwaiti preacher

Egyptian football star Mohammed Salah’s injury during Saturday’s match against Real Madrid was God’s punishment because he broke his fast, a Kuwaiti preacher has claimed.

In his tweet on Monday, preacher Mubarak al-Bathali said that God punished the Liverpool star with an injury because he broke his fast for the match.

According to him, Salah is allowed to skip the fast because of his travel but he did commit a sin by intending to break his fast for the game instead.

The athlete suffered a shoulder injury in the UEFA Champions League final Saturday causing him to exit the game only after the first 31 minutes.

Al-Bathali said he hopes the star considers his injury as a lesson and a reminder that everything happens by God’s will. “Preachers who said it is acceptable for him to break his fast have also permitted other things”, he said.

Al-Bathali said Salah is considered an ambassador for Muslims who has changed the image of Muslims in the West. He also praised Salah for his other habits such as walking away when his teammates drink alcohol.


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