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Assured Uganda Safaris Boss Joseph Kizito wanted for conning tourists, Fleeces shs60m

Dominic Joseph Kizito the owner of Assured Uganda Safaris could soon land into prison for fleecing over shs60m from a creditor.

Kizito a resident of Bulenga in Wakiso district deals in driving tourists who come to Uganda to different tourism destinations.

It is reported that Kizito receives booking fees from his unsuspecting tourists before coming to Uganda the money he uses to do his own businesses.

It is further reported that by the time the tourists’ jet into the country, they find Kizito with no single coin yet they send him money to facilitate their stay in Uganda.

“We sent him money but when we came to Uganda we found nothing, we had nowhere to sleep, eat and remember were in a new country we suffered under him yet we hand sent him our money”. One of the female tourists told this website.

Another female colleague also intimated that “We suffered because of this man, we shall tell our people when we go back to Europe, and Dominic is bad guy.”

Another Ugandan only identified as Segawa says one day after Kizito found himself into trouble, he ran to him and borrowed money from him in order to prepare for the tourists whose money he had eaten.

Segawa adds that he has been giving him (Kizito) since 2015 promising him that he would pay back but he failed to leave to his promise.

“Kizito has been my close friend and since 2015 I have been giving him money up to now close to shs 60m but I have not received anything.” Adds Segawa.

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