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Military Puts More Gen Kayihura’s Blue Eyed Boys on Surveillance

Uganda’s Military Intelligence wing the Chieftaincy of military intelligence has finalized plans to arrest more Gen Kayihura’s blue eyed detectives who have been executing his private missions and special assignments.

According to a military source, most of these wanted detectives and operatives have been working with Kayihura under a new unit he created recently called Criminal Case File Tracking Task Force (CCTF).

It is reported that some of these detectives whom he had earlier planted as officers in charge of CID and commanders for example at Special Investigations Unit in Kireka had participated in killing evidences and frustrating cases where their principal had interest.

Sources at the CMI Headquarters in Mbuya said a list of all blue eyed detectives and District commanders has been submitted to them and soon or later they will be picked one by one.

“We have already gotten a full list of all those who used to do private missions of Kayihura and we are getting one by one, said a CMI operative.”

He added that the they are already aware how Gen Kayihura used to call these detectives and assign them with different cases which would not be warranting but because of his interest.

“He would connive with his detectives, open a file, arrest a suspect and ensure that he or she is charged and from there his mission would be accomplished”.

Kayihura had reportedly issued an order to these detectives never to address his cases to the Director CID Grace Akullo because he knew they were all fake charges and forged ones which were to serve his interest.

CMI now wants to arrest all of them and get their statements one by one in every separate mission which they will use to pin Kayihura in court.

However, this senior military operative declined to reveal their names on request saying that it would make their work hard if it is published in the media.

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