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Police Boss suspended over 1.5M extortion

Kampala metropolitan police commander has suspended officer in charge of Wakiso division over allegations of extorting money worth shs 1.5M from Chinese investors.

The suspended police boss has been identified as ASP Graciano Nkurunziza who has been the OC station Wakiso police division.

According to a source, KMP Boss Stephen Moses Kafeero suspended Nkurunziza after getting complaints from Chinese investors dealing in steal making industry.

They are the owners of Pearl Group of company and were robbed of their money worth shs 250M.

It is reported that after Chinese were robbed, they reported their case at Wakiso police and that police officers with the help of OC Station went and visited the scene.

“After a week officers came and told us that they had arrested some thugs and that they had connived with our security guards who worked during day time when robbery happened”.

Police went ahead and arrested the two security guards.

After detaining suspects to police cells, ASP Nkurunziza allegedly went back to the investors and demanded money saying that it was to track more suspects.

Nkurunziza also reportedly claimed that the money was to feed those suspects who were under police custody.

Chinese wondered why they should be feeding suspects in police custody but later told Nkurunziza that they were  giving him shs 500,000 but he refused saying that he wanted shs 2m and they ended up giving him shs 1.5M.

It is alleged that thugs connived with security guards of the company and broke into the company’s safe and went away with the said money.

Immediately after giving him the money, they went and reported him to his boss Moses Kafeero who immediately summoned him and his DPC SP Justus Tashobya to his office where he grilled them.

Nkurunziza accepted to have taken the money and Kafeero gave him 20minutes to refund the said money.

He also instructed Tashobya to close his office and wait the next course of action.

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