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We Started Investigating Kayihura’s Plans to Overthrow Museveni in 2015-Security

Senior military detectives at Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and those from Internal Security Organization (ISO) say security agencies Gen Kale Kayihura has been under investigations since 2015, SpyReports has learnt.

In a secret interview with officials from CMI, ISO and SFC who are behind Gen Kayihura investigations revealed to this website that security started receiving information about bad acts of Gen Kayihura in 2015 but investigations were halted.

“Security started receiving information that Gen Kayihura was involved in bad acts in 2015 and when we reported to his seniors they ignored us claiming it was malice from top security chiefs who were fighting police boss to take over his job,” said a high ranking security chief from CMI.

The source from military intelligence added that in mid-2015 a security meeting was held at UPDF headquarters in Mbuya and discussed about Kayihura issues.

The source said very many security chiefs from various security agencies raised issues about Kayihura including his plans to overthrow President Museveni.

During the meeting, CMI and ISO were to start investigating Gen Kayihura silently and compile reports.

“During the meeting they also agreed to deploy operatives from CMI, ISO and SFC within police such that they can get real information about Kayihura,” said a source from ISO.

It is reported that some of the spies who were deployed in police became good allies of Gen Kayihura after bringing them closer to his office.

Kayihura reportedly shared a lot of information and how he was intending to become the next President come 2016-2021 by toppling President Museveni without going back to the bush.

This operative also narrated that at one time Gen Kayihura told CMI, ISO and SFC spies how some of his top police officers were trying to undermine his police leadership and his plans to become the next President.

Kale reportedly deployed CMI, ISO and SFC operatives in different police departments to spy on top police officers who were against his leadership and his possibility of becoming a President.

“Gen Kayihura made some CMI spies as his Personal Assistants, ADC, pay masters and asked them to promote his future presidential plans to some of his political allies and to the general public,” another ISO source told us.

He also reportedly supported more 150 Members of Parliament under NRM ticket whom he knew would support his presidential bid.

The intelligence source added that Gen Kale also supported more than 50 opposition members of Parliament and some Councilors in Kampala.

He also allegedly used to hold night meeting with both NRM and Opposition MPS in different hotels in Kampala and later give them millions of money to support them in their campaigns.

Security sources added during their night meetings, Kayihura tasked NRM MPS to also always give him intelligence reports from CEC, NEC, Cabinet and other sensitive information about top government and security chiefs.

Gen Kayihura also asked opposition Members of Parliament to get information about Dr. Kizza Besigye whom he considered as his strong political rival after Museveni and other information about top opposition leaders.

“We compiled more than 200 cases against Gen Kayihura with scientific evidence and handed them to our bosses and we thought action would be taken immediately but to our surprise nothing was done,” another source said.

It is alleged that after 2016 general elections, information leaked that Gen Kayihura and his thousands of crime preventers started the campaign to take over Kampala and over throw the Government before 2011 Presidential elections.

“We got information that Gen Kayihura had deployed Kitata and thousands of crime preventers and boda boda riders in Kampala to trail top government officials, army chiefs, business people who were loyal to President Museveni and whom he thought would fail him in case he revealed them his presidential plans,” added another intelligence source.

He added that Kayihura armed Kitata, crime preventers and boda boda riders with guns and lots of cash to enable them do his assignments day and night. The source added that reports were made and Gen Kayihura got them and later shared them with his allies in police.

“During one of the night security meetings, Kayihura and his allied police officers agreed on how to finish some top Government and security officials who were connected to the first family and were seen as threat to him,” said another source.

Security source added that after the assassination of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Joan Kagezi president Museveni realized that Kayihura was a problem and ordered for his investigations and called for his earlier files.

“What I recall very well the night President Museveni left Late Kaweesi home, a night security meeting was held and the topic was how to investigate Kayihura and his missions after police and how to deal with him,” a source said.

The source added CMI and ISO were tasked to seriously investigate Gen Kayihura, his allies in police, members of Parliament in both NRM and Opposition. The source added that a report was made and some NRM MPS who were giving sensitive information to Kayihura were sidelined from attending sensitive meetings.

The source said Gen Kayihura realized that he was under intense investigations in early 2017 when most of his allies who were deployed in police were recalled without his notice.

“In mid-2017, President Museveni after started receiving terrible reports about Kayihura future plans and started sidelining him to attend top security meetings,” said another source.

In late 2017 when Gen Kayihura knew that his relationship with President Museveni had worsened, he asked for an appointment with President Museveni through Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda and PSS but he failed to meet the President.

To Kayihura surprise, President Museveni gave him another contract without engaging him in a meeting.

“Before the President gives you a top security job, he first calls you for a meeting but to Kayihura he was never called, he just heard his contract as police chief was renewed,” said another source.

When Gen Kayihura was thanking President Museveni for another surprise term, he hid behind NRM and mobilized thousands of NRM supporters across the Country who graced his function in Kisoro using police resources.

Despite attending the function, Museveni was not happy with Kayihura because of the reports he had received.

On March 4th, President Museveni fired him and replaced with his deputy Martin Okoth Ochola.

Subsequently, he was arrested by the military from his farm house and airlifted by the military chopper from Kashagama in Lyantonde district to Kampala where he is being detained at Makindye military barracks.

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