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Wife of Murdered Case Clinic Accountant Francis Ekalungar Gets Death Threats

Christine Nabwire a wife of former Case Clinic’s accountant late Francis Ekalungar is living in fear after she started getting death threats from unknown months after her husband was brutally murdered and his body burnt.

According to family members who did not want to be mentioned for fear of his life Ekulangar’s wife have been getting death threats from unknown people and police has failed to help them when they went to report the matter.

“We have tried to follow up the case and to see that we can get justice but police isn’t helping us at all”. A family source narrated.

He added that, “we have moved everywhere in police from CID headquarters but we aren’t getting anything. Police is trying to hide something from us”.

Source added that, the wife is no longer staying at his marital home because she’s in fear that she could lose her life the similar way her husband was kidnapped and subsequently murdered.

Nabwire appeals to IGP Martin Okoth Ochora for the assistance.

This website has also landed on information that the suspects in Ekalungar murder are trying to get bail from High court.

When we contacted, the director CID Grace Akullo could not respond to our repeated calls.

Fraciss Ekalungar was reportedly murdered by former Boda Boda 2010 members and his vehicle a Toyota Premio registration number UAW 899U was recovered from killers’ house in Kabowa in Rubaga division.

Mawa Muzamil the driver of case clinic boss Dr Kato Ssebbaale, Kiwalabye Huzairu a brother of Abdulla Kitata and Kikandi Muhindo and Bizimani David were arrested for being the suspected killers.

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Tome Sawyer Award Winning Journalist

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