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Museveni Halts 13bn Purchase of Police Land, Kayihura, Col Ndahura in More Trouble

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as the Commander In Chief of Armed forces has with immediate effect halted Uganda police force from paying the land which was valued at shs 13bn, we have reliably been informed.

The land which is in question is located in Kikwanda village Kakiri in Wakiso district and is measuring approximately 100 hectares.

According to information which we obtained with in police circles, the land was initially bought by the detained former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura in February this year.

Our security reliable sources intimated to us that the President halted Police from completing payments of the land early last month after he was informed that it was overvalued and that police never contacted PPDA during the process.

Sources added that after the President was informed that police over valued the land, he set up a team of investigators to make for him a comprehensive report about how the land was purchased and submit to him in not later than a month.

The team has since established that the land was bought without following rightful channels.

According to our sources officers who are under probe are Gen Kale Kayihura, the former Police Chief, Col Ndawula Atwooki the former Director in charge of crime Intelligence, Amos Ngabirano who is in exile and other three police directors.


When contacted deputy police spokesperson SP Patrick Onyango confirmed that police bought the land but declined to reveal how much police paid.

“What i can confirm is that police followed all the legal requirements before purchasing the land,” he said during a telephone interview.

Onyango further said that some police officers are residing on that land to avoid land grabbers.

However CP Moses Kafeero the commander for Kampala Metropolitan who was commanding Bwebajja by the time the land was bought when contacted said that he was not aware that police bought the land.

“I had no single document at my desk concerning the purchase of the land when i was still heading Bwebajja,” he said adding that may be the land was bought when he was attending the Course in Kigali Rwanda.


Despite the fact that Onyango confirmed that police followed all legal processes while purchasing the land, PPDA says that police never consulted them.

Sylvia Kirabo the head of communication at PPDA in an exclusive phone interview said PPDA was not aware that police purchased that huge land.

“As PPDA, we are not in the know that police procured and land amounting to shs 13bn.If they followed PPDA procedures and there is no back fire we shall have no problem with police,” she said.

Kirabo further added that if anybody comes up with a complaint, PPDA will follow it up and those who were involved in procurement and will be asked to account for the monies.

Our sources from the Ministry of lands also confirmed to us that they were not aware that police procured land totaling to shs 13bn. “Am not aware that police bought land at the cost of shs 13bn because am not seeing government valuer’s report in my desk,” a senior official from lands ministry told us.


Police sources added that the proposal to buy this huge land was brought by detained former Director in charge of Crime Intelligence Lt Col Atwooki Ndawula who also acted as the go between for police and land owner something illegal.

Police sources added that after Ndawula brought the deal, Gen Kayihura invited his blue eyed police officers who included exiled Amos Ngabirano the former Director in- charge of ICT and two other Police directors whose particulars cannot be revealed now for a discussion.

Sources further stated that Ndawula told Gen Kayihura and other police directors that the actual amount of money which the land owner wanted was shs 3bn but the extra shs 10bn was their token.It is reported that some two officers first rejected the deal saying it was too heavy and that it may back fire if they don’t involve PPDA or government valuer during the process.

Sources say that Gen Kayihura assured his blue eyed officers, that he will protect them from any investigations in case any is raised.

“Am the Inspector General of Police and nobody will investigate any of us without my orders and if we involve PPDA, we may end up losing it,” one of the police directors quoted Gen Kale as saying during their meeting.

Reliable sources added after officers got assurance from the police Chief, they accepted the purchase of the land and police made some payments under the directive of Gen Kayihura.

During the last pass out of senior police officers at police senior command staff in Bwebajja, Gen Kayihura publicly announced that police had acquired 100 hectares of land in Kikwanda Kakiri and said the school was shifting from Bwebajja, however Kayihura did not disclose how much police had paid for the land.

Kayihura in his remarks said that Bwebajja will be made a technical school for the orphans of police officers.

However when we consulted some top police officers if they were aware that police had purchased the land, they said they heard from the police chief. “I have heard this information for the first time but since it was said by the police chief, may be it is right,” said one of the police directors who attended the function.

This police director told us that that proposal of buying land was never tabled before PAC for discussion. “I wonder who passed the proposal for police to buy such huge land because police has a lot of land,” added another police director saying even police has not finished paying for Bwebajja.


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