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3 Ugandan Girls murdered in Middle East, 70 Rescued from Sex Slavery

3 Ugandan girls has been murdered in the Middle East while 69 have been rescued by Interpol last month due to negligence of labour exporting companies who failed to comply with ministry of labour.

Director Interpol AIGP Fred Yiga this morning while addressing the media warned that very many companies who are in this Field of exporting labour to Middle East countries are risking to their licenses.

Dr Yiga added that, “3 girl has been killed and others are stranded in those counties, 50 were intercepted on borders of Uganda trying to cross and enter Kenya”.

He explained that ministry of labour and social development has licensed several local companies to officially engage in the labour export market for Ugandans but said on a very bad note many companies are neglecting their responsibilities which have caused the loss of lives of many Ugandan girls while others are asexually harassed.

While meeting companies which are in labour export at Interpol office Kololo Yiga warned them to stop forging certificate of good conduct because many Ugandan have been denied Visa.

In his, the response president of Uganda association of external recruitment agency (UAERA) Andrew Kamiraho promised to task all companies under the association to behave or to chase whoever will try to take any girl in Middle East without proper documents.

Kameraho added that, “We have got many challenges of those who took girls with fake companies and police failed to work on them”.

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