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ASP Julius Luyima Illicit Wealth Shocks Nation, Officer Accused of Extortion Owns Multi-million Mansions, Fleets of Cars

The wealth of sacked CPS Kampala traffic boss ASP Luyima Julius has left the detectives from Police professional Standards Unit in shock, this web site has learnt.

Luyima was sacked by IGP Martin Okoth Ochola on Monday after the police chief received several complaints of extortion, arrogance, and disrespect from the public and senior police officers.

It is also alleged that some police officers reported to IGP how Luyima had used recently halted boda boda operations to create a lot of wealth which was illegal.

Some officers who are probing ASP Luyima last night revealed to SpyReports that the showy officer could have reaped close to shs 500m in just  months he has been the OC traffic police at the strategically located CPS police station.

“So far we have found out that Luyima owns a mansion which is estimated at around shs 80-100m and which he bought cash just six month since he was appointed OC traffic CPS Kampala,” said a source that is part of the probe team.

The source further said that Luyima is also constructing another huge house in areas of Kiira which is valued at around shs 120-150m. “The house is still under construction and when it is fully finished it can be estimated around shs 200-300m,” narrated another female officer who is part of the investigations.

Investigators further told us that Luyima owns several motorcycles and some commuter taxis which operate around Kampala and are yet to be identified.

“We are going to consult the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) if Luyima has ever declared all his assets as the law requires,” said another investigator adding that if his assets are not with IGG then he will be called to declare the source of his wealth.

The source added that Luyima’s assets are not declared to IGG “because if he declares them, he will be arrested on sight.  “Luyima came out from police training in 2014 and earns a salary of less than shs 800,000 then how can he own wealth worth over shs 200m,” said another police officer.

ASP Luyima was first deployed in Busia in general duties and had no assets apart from the small piece of land at his home in Nakasongola.

The source says that Luyima while still in general duties was grassing like other police officers, “he even struggled to raise fees for rent and now in not less than two years the man is stinking rich and you think he can declare his wealth to IGG”.


When we interviewed some of his close police officers who also double as his intake-mates about his wealth, they told us that Luyima’s wealth accumulated when he was appointed OC Traffic CPS Kampala.

“What i can tell you is that Luyima had nothing when we came out from police training school in Kabalye, even when he was deployed in Busia, he was poor, he could not even raise shs 3m to buy a motor cycle,” said one of his close friends also in traffic.

He added that they even failed to raise money to bribe their bosses to deploy them in traffic. “We were helped by our friends at headquarters to join traffic from general duties,” another friend of him says.

He added that when Luyima came to CPS, he had no house, no car even a motor cycle for business. “I was so shocked when Luyima told me that in not more than seven months, he owned a house and a car,” she says.

Another friend of Luyima told us that his life changed after one year in charge of traffic at CPS Kampala and he started bragging to his friends.

“Luyima changed completely and he could not pick our calls because he considered us as poor people,” revealed a senior police officer.

He added that he Luyima started telling his friends that he was at a level of commissioners of police because at his young age, he owned homes, a fleet of vehicles, and businesses among others.

“Whenever would go for wedding meeting of our friends, he would brag to us saying we have the same ranks but in terms of wealth, we are young. He could even pledge like shs 4m when others pledge less than a million,” added another police officer.

Am not surprised that Luyima is under probe, he deserves it because his wealth is shocking,” she added.

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Tome Sawyer Award Winning Journalist

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