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Furious Okoth Ochola Orders All CID Officers to Go for Law Course at LDC

The Inspector General of police Martin Okoth Ochola has instructed the director CID AIGP Grace Akullo to send police detectives in Kampala metropolitan police for a diploma in law at Law Development Center (LDC) in Kampala, we have reliably been informed.

Reliable sources from the office of police chief revealed to us that the directive to send CID officers for law course came after information leaked that most CID officers prefer fake charges against criminals who are always arrested by police.

The source further told us that police has lost most of the cases in courts of law because most CID officers prefer wrong charges against suspects and judges and magistrates dismiss them due to lack of evidence and merit.

Another source told us that IGP Ochola was also informed that most of detectives lack investigation skills and most of them take unfinished files to court and police end up losing sensitive cases in the courts of law.

“Some people commit offenses but because some police officers fail to investigate them, we end up losing when we go to court,” a source quoted Ochola saying.

The source further told us that judiciary has always blamed police for losing capital offenses due to poor investigation methods

When interviewed Fred Enanga the head of administration in CID at his office based in Kibuli, confirmed the development.

“It is true we are sending a total of 100 CID officers for a Diploma in Law at LDC in Kampala,” he said adding that they are reporting on 17th September.

He added that police partnered with Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) to sponsor police officers for law course.

Enanga further said that CID officers who will undergo one year law course must have attained at-least A level and above.

“Officers who have academic papers below senior six will not be allowed for that course,” he said.

He noted that a team of officers from CID, PSU and human resource set to scrutinize the officers who will attend the law course.

“This course will also be attended by officers from the rank of Superintendent and below,” he said.

He added that police will also send more 300 CID officers for induction course at Police training school in Kabalye in Masindi.

“This law course will help officers in their investigating skills and will enable them to always prefer clear charges to suspects,” Enanga said adding that this will reduce case backlog.


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