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Police Bans Live Sex, Bum shafting During Nyege Nyege Festival

Uganda Police has set strict guidelines which will be followed by organizers and party animals that will be thronging Jinja town for the notorious Nyege Nyege festival.

The function organized by MTN Uganda is scheduled to start from 5th to 10th at Discovery beach in Njeru municipality and is expected to be graced by over 50,000 people.

Emilian Kayima the police spokesperson while addressing the media in Kampala said that the organizers shall provide to police a detailed program of the event to facilitate the deployment of the security personnel adding that there shall be no procession to and from the venue of the event.

Kayima added that police shall provide security at the venue in addition to Tight security and that police will have unfettered access to the venue and all facilities used by the organizers any time of the day or night.

“The purpose of the event is the promotion of culture, local music and tourism .the event shall therefore be held only in a manner consistent with the purpose”. Said Kayima.

Police also says the event shall ensure that the event shall be accessed only by adults and that it will ensure that no person under the age of 18 years shall be allowed at the venue after 6pm.

“The organizers undertake to provide guidelines at the entrance and in other strategic conspicuous points at the venue clearly prohibiting use of drugs, acts of homosexuality, open sex and any other act considered immoral or unacceptable by the culture of the people of Uganda.” Added Kayima.

The Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo had earlier yesterday said the much anticipated and publicized MTN sponsored Nyege Nyege festival will not take place.

Addressing journalists in Kampala on Tuesday evening, Lokodo said he had written to police to ensure that the event doesn’t take place.

“This ugly thing called MTN Nyege Nyege is not taking place this year. We have already evaluated how much losses will come. We shall save the image of this country but not allow this to take place for the two days and one night,” he said.

However, today the organizers, police and minister for internal affairs met and agreed on several terms and conditions for the event to take place.


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Tome Sawyer Award Winning Journalist

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