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Magrib Labour Recruiting Agency Boss Andrew Sabwa Drags Wife to Police for Hiring Assassins to Kill Him

Andrew Sabwa the managing director Magrib Labour Recruiting agency for jobs in Middle East countries is living in fear for losing his life after his wife hired gunmen to assassinate him.

Sabwa has since dragged his recently wedded wife Catherine Aceni to Katwe police station for threatening him with death threats.

According to our sources at Katwe police station Sabwa reported a case that his life is under threat by his own wife after getting misunderstandings over issues he don’t understand their origin.

“I opted to leave my house in Bwebajja for fear of my life because of her but even after leaving she keeps on threatening me. She claims she has connections in Government and that if I don’t obey by her orders I will land into trouble”. Andrew Sabwa told police while crying profusely.

It is reported that Acen went ahead and barred Andrew from accessing all the money in bank made from their company Magrib agency which he says they started it together.

The husband is also accuses Acen of refusing him his conjugal rights saying that she is ever moving with security officers whom he doesn’t understand.

A case of threatening violence has been opened against the Acen vide SD 58/06/09/2018 at Katwe police station.

This investigative website has learnt that police later summoned the Catherine Acen to record her statement as investigations go on.

When contacted Catherine Aceni accepted being dragged to police by Sabwa but denied threatening his life.

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