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Shock As Police Computers, Photocopying Machines, Chairs Go Missing, Ochola Orders for Forensic Audit

The Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola has directed the Director of ICT to carry out a forensic audit of all police equipment Country wide and produce to him a report with immediate effect.

Reliable sources from the office of police chief told us that IGP instructions after he was briefed that most police officers have sold off police equipment like computers, photo copying machines, hard disks,TVS,Radios,Seating chairs, cabins among others.

Sources from ICT department who are carrying out audit also say they started with Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) where most complaints are registered.

“Most officers who have been transferred in KMP have no office equipment yet they were bought,” a source from ICT says adding that officers have nowhere to keep their data.

“You just find like an OC Traffic, OC CID,OC Station only have one chair in the office because their predecessors took all the office equipment,” said another investigator.

It is reported that a total of more than 4000 police officers may be arrested and charged by disciplinary court after investigations are carried out successfully.

It is further indicated that most police officers who have been transferred to new places of work have requested for such equipment from the headquarters.

“Police is now looking for over shs 900m to buy new office equipment for new transferred police officers across the Country,” said a source attached to police accounts department.

Ever-since Ochola took over from his former boss and now embattled Gen Kale Kayihura, he has made over 600 changes and transfers in the force to change and image of police.

The source says every police officer from the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and above that was transferred has written requesting for money to buy new police equipment.

“We have got more than 700 requisitions from various officers that have been affected by new changes all requesting for money to buy new police equipment for their offices,” added another source from finance department saying that each officer demands more than shs 5m.

The source added that when the budget accumulated, they took it to the office of IGP for approval. The source revealed to us that when IGP was presented the budget he was shocked and wondered if police was not buying office equipment for officers.

“Is police starting to buy office equipment for police officers for the first time because the budget is huge,” a source quoted IGP Ochola saying. Ochola later summoned officers from logistics and grilled them over the matter.

The IGP was informed that officers have been requesting for office equipment and money has been released to them.

Ochola has since been presented with the list of police officers who have ever received money to buy such office equipment.

Statistics presented before IGP show that more than 4000 police officers received money to buy office equipment in the last three years.

Other officers who received the money reportedly used it to do their own businesses and solve their own problems.

The IGP was also briefed that some officers who buy office equipment put them into their names and when they are transferred, they take them to their homes and when they reach in their new places of work, they demand for new ones and the process continues.

He was informed that none of the police officers has ever handed over a TV, Computer, photocopying machine, radio even money when he or she is leaving office .They only hand 0ver, Radio calls, office keys and police calendars.

Ochola was given an example of Julius Luyima who was transferred to Masindi and reportedly went with a police TV which was located at CPS Kampala in room 36 yet it was not bought by him.

Reliable sources revealed to us that the furious IGP after getting all that intelligence briefs, instructed Director ICT to carry out forensic audit and later give him a report for action and halted the budget to buy new police equipment until the report is given to him.

He also instructed the commander Professional Standards Unit (PSU) to start investigations into police officers who have received money to buy office equipment in the last three years to account for them.

The source says that IGP instructed officers from logistics to avail PSU the full list of police officers who have ever received money from police to buy office equipment and they don’t hand them over when they are transferred.

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Tome Sawyer Award Winning Journalist

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