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Shame as security minister Gen Tumwine Rescue Fraud suspect Tom Kaaya

SECURITY minister, Gen Elly Tumwine on Tuesday stunned court when he turned up to stand surety for city businessman Tom Kaaya popularly known as Kaki who is being facing charges of fraud among other cases.

Mr Kaaya was being charged in Buganda road court for defrauding Sam Buchanan of about 2.173 bn Uganda shillings.

It’s alleged that Mr Kaaya tricked Buchanan to give him over two billions purportedly to sale him his estate in Mengo which was about to be attached by bank over bad loan.

However upon getting the dime, Mr Kaaya changed tone and started intimidating Buchanan with guns a thing which got him arrested by Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence.

However on Tuesday, Kaaya was paraded before Buganda Road magistrate, Mr Patricia Amoko and charged for conning, forgery of documents including land tittles, defrauding over 2.173 billion, obtaining money in false pretense and others.

At the same court, when   Kaaya had come to ask for bail, people were astonished to see Gen Tumwine a full security minister   who would otherwise fight crime being lined up among the sureties.

Other sureties included Mukono, RDC Fred Bamwine and Counsel Joseph Luzige also LC5 chairman, Mityana district.

Buchanan exhibited his disappointment to such government official who seemed to condone    crime.

“Even if he was your son, sense would request you to stand aside and get another friend to bail him out to save the government image. Imagine the man is facing such serious cases and a full minister comes in, where this country is headed” Buchanan wondered.

Other people at court seemed to have had mixed feelings of the same. The case was postponed.


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