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AGE LIMIT PETITION: Justice Kakuru Tipped for New Juicy Govt Job, Rukutana Heads to Foreign Affairs Ministry

Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana has been tipped to replace foreign affairs minister Sam Kahamba Kuteesa in a looming cabinet reshuffle, SpyReports writes.

According you our highly placed source at State House, Museveni wants to reward Rukutana for the tiresome work he did for him in the recent Mbale age limit court battle where he stood and defended him in the constitutional court.

Our Source also told us that Museveni wants to reward Mwesigwa Rukutana as a full minister because he has never become one and has on several occasions defended the country both locally and internationally.

It should be noted that ever since Rukutana crossed from opposition side, he has never served as full cabinet minister. He has been serving in different capacities as a State minister up to his current position where he is also serving as a deputy Attorney General.

This source further narrated that constitutional Judge Justice Kenneth Kakuru has also been tipped to replace Joram Bamwine as the principal Judge.

Justice Kakuru is remembered as the only judge who gave a dissenting ruling in the Age Limit ruling at Mbale High Court on July 26.

What Kakuru did behind the scenes to help Attorney General’s office in the Mbale court battle will be for the next day but SpyReports has learnt that Kakuru is yet to be rewarded with the big office of the Principal Judge.

Why AG William Byaruhanga Never Appeared in Mbale Court

Our source further intimated to us that Attorney General William Byaruhanga declined to appear before court to defend government saying that he couldn’t stand before the nation to defend what he termed as a naked truth claiming government was in wrong.

Byaruhanga stood on his ground and said that government through its security agencies did contrary to the constitution of Uganda when they invaded parliament to pass the Age limit bill.

After refusing to defend his boss, the president, Museveni reportedly instructed Rukutana who was at his upcountry home for the party to urgently rush back to Kampala.

The president in a phone call asked Rukutana to ensure that after the party he travels back in the night to ensure he sleeps in Mbale.

In so doing, Rukutana was picked by a helicopter which landed him at Kololo airstrip but again slept at his Millennium hotel in Zzana and went to Mbale on Sunday evening ahead of judgment which was the following Monday.



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