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MONEY POWER: Yasin Kawuma Finally Accept 20m From Museveni

The family of the late Yasin Kawuma, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi driver who was shot dead in Arua last month has finally accepted the shs 20m from President Museveni they had earlier refused to receive from musician Catherine Kusasira.

Yasin’s family had refused to accept the UGX 20Million from president Museveni as it was delivered by musician Kusasira saying it was blood money.

The family however after negotiations finally accepted the offer and move on with life.

The money was today delivered by Kusasira to the family at Calendar guest house in Makindye.

Yesterday after the family claimed Museveni was trying to bribe them, the singer asserted that she was giving out the money to the orphans and widows because she was touched by their story which was aired on television.

She continued to say that as a parent, she wanted to provide that little amount to the family for help.

“I was touched by the family situation according to what I saw on television and as apparent who has seen the president help before. You all have the right to hold a different perception about this, many may turn it political but mine is a parental perspective. The president was willing to help beyond 20 million,” Catherine Kusasira asserted.

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Tome Sawyer Award Winning Journalist

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