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FDC Supporters in Soroti Slaughter Sheep to Cerebrate Muntu Exit

Celebrations rocked Soroti district on Thursday as forum for democratic change supporters slaughtered a sheep to celebrate the exit of Maj Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntuyera commonly known as Muntu.

Mr Tom Julius Ekudo, who unsuccessfully contested for the Soroti County parliamentary seat in 2016, led the supporters to celebrate Gen Muntu’s departure at the district FDC offices in Akisim Ward, Eastern in Soroti Municipality.

They slaughtered the lamb to bid farewell to the former party icon.

Mr Tom Julius Ekudo said the decision to slaughter the animal is “biblical” to signify their determination to wash away all the sins that were committed by Gen Muntu against the party.

“Gen Muntu’s ideology worked best to suit the current regime. We honor what he has done, but in the same vein, we had to cleanse his departure with a lamb,” he said.

Mr Nakalet Okello, another FDC supporter said that they will remain strong and focused towards the objective of regaining power from “dictators.”

“We wish our brother well, and others who have split away to form a new pressure group, after not agreeing with the election of the new party president,” he said.

Kamuda Sub County chairman, Mr Daniel Eigu said that they have been subscribing to FDC and they are not willing to give up.

“What they allege against the current FDC leaders is aimed at gaining public sympathy but it is not true. The former party president [Gen Muntu] had all the time within his ambit to implement what he thought was right,” he said.

Gen Muntu on Thursday told journalists that he and other politicians parted ways with FDC and they have agreed to set up a joint team and keep an open door policy between them and the party.

“Our new formation may use strategies that are different from other parties but our goal will be the same; a Uganda that works for us all. In this regard, I wish to highlight our commitment to cooperation with democracy seeking forces as a bedrock of our new formation,” he said.


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