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Fear As Police Moves to Retain CID officers Based On Successful Convictions in Court

Fear and uncertainty have engulfed police investigations department after the directorate introduced a new strategy of retaining its officers based on successful number of convictions in courts of law.

The move is aimed at offloading all the detectives who have never secured the desired convictions from courts from their files which they have been investigating.

In an exclusive interview with Commissioner Administration CIID headquarters Fred Enanga, he says that some detectives have resorted to using files they are handling to do extortion.

“Some keep tossing complaints following files and even suspects to come tomorrow or next day or next week until these people feel tired and end up giving them money and end up killing the file,” said Enanga.

Enanga added that as top management of CID, they have come up with a new strategy where they have introduced a form called pf84 which will strictly be for evaluating and monitoring all the cases being handled by each detective from a time he or she receives a file until its conclusion.

He added that the form will also be checking them on how many convictions each detective has secured in a period of the time that will be set by the top CID management.

“Any detective who will not match with our set conviction numbers will automatically and no doubt be reverted to other units of the force, “added Enanga.

Enanga further told us that detectives will not be chased away from CID alone but also their supervisors  will also be chased for lack of supervision role until the directorate gets detectives who know what they are doing but not to come every day in office and go back home with millions of money through “killing” files.

“We must clean CID directorate and get rid of all detectives with a corruption and extortion mind set because CID is the backbone of the Uganda police force and therefore we can’t sit down and watch bad elements covering themselves in the directorate “He warned.

The furious Enanga explained that every serious detective one thing on his or her mind should be conviction but said there are some who have worked in CID for over two years without any conviction.

He noted that such detectives must be chased away and reverted to other police units.





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