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Ochola Reinstates Khaki as Only police Uniform

The Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola has directed that effective next financial year all police officers will be putting on one single similar uniform despite the fact that they belong to different units, we have exclusively established.

Reliable sources told us that the decision to have all police officers put on a similar uniform came after public complained about a group of police officers putting on a unique are the ones torturing civilians.

“Some uniform colors have become dangerous to the public and when people see them, they call them killers which gives bad image to police,” another top police chief was heard saying.

Another officer said the FFU uniform has contributed to the bad image of police because whenever the public see officers wearing it, they get scared even if officers are going for their normal deployment.

Police officers put on different uniforms depending on which unit each belongs to, for example traffic officers put on white, counter terrorism put on black, FFU put on one with blue spots and while commonly known as madowadowa among others.

Our reliable sources based at police headquarters in Naguru said that IGP Ochola said that effective next financial year, police will go back to its mother uniform which is Kaki.

Sources further revealed to us that IGP has already instructed all quarter masters and logistics directorate to start preparing for only khaki uniform starting from the next financial year.

It is indicated that Ochola directed logistics office to make only khaki uniform and put a small strip on the left side indicating which department each officer belongs.

“If you are in traffic department, you will be putting on Khaki uniform with a white strip on your left arm,” a source quoted Ochola as saying.

Sources say that Ochola said single uniform is less costly compared to multi uniforms

“We are spending a lot on purchasing different types of uniforms yet the institution is one, we must go back to our mother uniform to reduce on expenditure,” said  police chief.

“We used to have single uniform in old police and we had a lot of units and we were doing our work effectively,” added Ochola.


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