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18 Arrested Over FMG




Spy Reports

Police in Sipi region, has intensified its operations, particularly in Kween district, after it charged 18 suspects to court, including a 50 year old ring leader Irene Cherop; all from Kongilel village, Kaptumsub county in Kween district with aiding and abetting FGM.  The group was arrested, after police foiled their plans to conduct FGM activities in the village.

Women gather for FGM event. SPYREPORTS

We have noted that the recent cases of FGM stem from a concept of family honor, where only mothers who had undergone circumcision, where deemed suitable to grace the male circumcision ceremony of their son’s in 2018.  As a result mothers started allowing their daughters to undergo circumcision as a way of protecting their future.

There are also further efforts to trace for victims in three separate villages of Kwoser, where 07 girls where allegedly circumcised; and Binyiny where an additional 07 girls are alleged to have been circumcised.  The exercise has also attracted mothers who are circumcised immediately after giving birth.

The police is absolutely committed to fighting FGM, and do hope that the successful prosecution of the perpetrators including parents, husbands and victims who mutate themselves, will act as deterrents.

We have meanwhile established contacts with influential community members and other stakeholders to challenge the practice; as well as tasked teachers, health and social care professionals to report cases of FGM once established in the course of their duties in schools and hospitals

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