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Standard Chartered Bank Bosses Grilled Over Missing SHS 3.66BN From Tycoon’s Account




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Detectives at criminal investigations department headquarters in kibuli last week grilled top bosses from the standard chartered bank over tycoon’s missing money worth shs 3.66BN from his account.

Standard Chartered Bank Kampala. SPYREPORTS

According to our spies at the CID Headquarters, the top management of standard chartered bank who include among others the managing Director, were summoned last week to record statements in relation to how the deposited money went missing from a tycoon’s account shortly two days after he had transacted with the bank.

Last week we reported how the CEO of AL GIHAZ CONTRACTING COMPANY AFRICAN LIMITED owned by Arabic tycoon one Muhammad Ahmed Osman which is based in Saudi Arabia opened up an account with standard chartered bank on account number 01120031008900   on 27th/august/2018 and he deposited USD 1,640,000 Million, which is equivalent to shs 3.66BN adding that on 29th of the same month just two days after transacting with the bank, his money was withdrawn without his knowledge or even consent.

Our spies at Kibuli added that the top management of standard chartered bank after being grilled for over eight hours accepted that  the money was unwarrantedly released from the transacting account, adding that they are looking at how best they can bring back the money on the same account.

It’s alleged that standard chartered bank officials connived with the co- partner of Muhammad Ahmed Osman known as Imran UHURU and withdrew all the money without his consent. Bank officials knew that the two business men had opened up the account together and that Osman Muhammad owned the biggest value shares of the account hence the biggest shareholder.

When contacted for a comment Cynthia Mpanga the head communications at the bank told us that she could not give us a comment on phone because it was against the bank’s rules and she promised to give us the side of the bank through an email in few minutes but never came back to us and when we tried to call her back, she couldn’t pick our calls.

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