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Top City Killer Escapes From Police Custody, Officers Detained




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Police at Katwe is holding two senior officers after intelligence reports linked that they aided a top city killer to escape from police custody on Tuesday evening, we have learnt.

The two detained officers names withheld are all attached to Directorate of Crime Intelligence.

The suspected that is still on run has been identified as Ivan Kiberu a resident of Makindye a Kampala suburb.

According to police, Kiberu is facing several charges of murder, robbery and possession of guns. “This man is implicated in murder of five motor cycle riders,” a police detective told us.

Our sources at Katwe Police station revealed to us that Kiberu was picked early this week by detectives from Crime Intelligence after gathering all his criminal records.

He was later handed over to the head of Crime Intelligence ASP Patience Mukiza for further interrogations.

Crime intelligence sources say after interrogations, Mukiza handed back the serial Killer to detectives who went with him at his home for the search of suspected guns and other killer weapons.

Officers further revealed to us that when they came from the search empty handed, they handed over the suspect to Crime Intelligence boss ASP Mukiza for the next action.

“Mukiza again held closed door interrogations to Kiberu for close to two hours in her office,” says a source close to her.

“After interrogations, ASP Mukiza came with the suspect and dumped him at the Counter with no further instructions and moreover unhandcuffed,” another detective told us adding that she did not even notify the cells guard and other police officers at the Counter.

“After realizing that she left the suspects with nobody, ASP Mukiza, quickly returned to the counter and ordered for the serial killer to be detained but the sharp killer had already escaped,” revealed another detective.

Detectives further say that out of her shame and anger, ASP Mukiza ordered for the arrest of two police officers and preferred charges of negligence and aiding a suspect to escape against them.

However other detectives whom we talked to say ASP Mukiza should have been the one to be detained.

“How could a senior officer bring the suspect and dump him at the counter without notifying officers. Why couldn’t she handcuff the criminal,” asked another senior detective.

He added that it was even wrong for a female officer to escort a male and wanted criminal. “She showed high level of negligence and even risked her life because that criminal could have assaulted her in the process of interrogation,” says another senior detective.

“If I was the RPC or DPC of the station, ASP Mukiza could be the in custody before others because she is the one who actually aided the suspect to escape because she is the one who last spoke to him,” said senior detective from CID.

We have also reliably been informed that ASP Mukiza was sacked from Air port where she was suspected to be conniving with drug dealers after receiving dollars from them. She was deployed in Natete and later transferred to Katwe police Station.

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