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DFCU Bank Boss Leaks Top Secrets to Sudhir




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DFCU Bank Secretary Agnes Tibayeita Isharaza has been put under a probe after information linked that she shared Bank’s top secret to Sudhir who is considered as their main rival, we have exclusively established.

According to the source in DFCU, Agnes talked to one Muhammad the head of operations about some sensitive and confidential matters of the Bank and shortly after their discussion, Agnes linked information to Shudir and their conversation was put into the press which is against the rules of DFCU Bank.

An Insider in DFCU Bank further revealed to us that  Agnes a few months ago, was got linking some emails to Shudir about her work at the Bank.

The Bank has spent more than shs 50m trying to find out who links its sensitive and confidential information to Shudir and all staff have been warned that who ever does was risking his or her job,” a source from DFCU told us.

The source adds that DFCU Bank share holders from Britain and Netherlands have sent a security team to work hand in hand with the one in Uganda to investigate Agnes’s phones, laptops and others.

“Her phones and laptops have been confiscated from her and are now treated as exhibits and are held with DFCU Cyber department,” says another source.

Another Source inside the Bank says IT department has been directed to monitor Agnes’s mails, Twitter, Instagram and further communication to find out if she has been talking to Shudir or any other person related to Ruparelia group.

Sources in the Bank say when Agnes was summoned to explain how sensitive Bank information reach Sudhir’s hands, she says it might be her husband who leaked bank secrets from her phones.

When we tried to contact Agnes Tibayeita for the comment her phone was off and the bank too refused to comment on this matter.

According to the source in DFCU Bank if Agnes is found guilty to her offenses, she will automatically be sacked and her contract terminated.

“The Bank’s standing orders are clear if any staff is found of leaking or sharing Bank’s sensitive information without authority, he or she contract is terminated with immediate effect,” a source says.

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