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MP Accused for Snatching Scribe’s Wife





Ssebagala Sunday a correspondent with NBS TV based in Entebbe is shading bucket of tears after he got information that  former MP aspirant who also doubles as his best friend snatched his wife Margaret Nabbosa whom they have spent for 18 years and have two kids, we have exclusively established.

The accused person has been identified as Alex Gitta Mulibanga who contested on FDC ticket Entebbe Municipality in last elections but terribly lost. Gitta also doubles as a football coach of one of the clubs in Entebbe.

According to reliable information spyreports obtained from close pals of Ssebagala, Nabbosa (Wife) two weeks ago parked all her luggage and left their marital home with their two kids and up to now her whereabouts are not identified.

Family friends to Ssebagala revealed to us that he started having marriage issues with Nabbosa in 2015 but the pair would reconcile time and again after having family meetings with their elders.

Sources added that Ssebagala started suspecting Gitta to be behind his marriages woes two year ago but failed to have enough evidence. He added that Gitta became their friend when he started dropping their kids to school where his were also studying.

“I thought Gitta was just helping us as a family friend but as time went on, I suspected that he could be in love affair with my wife,” said Ssebagala adding that when he asked Nabbosa, she denied.

Sources further told us that the worse came to the worst when Gitta started paying several visits to Nabbosa’s secretarial bureau offices based in Kitoro. “This man would bring huge envelopes of money and would tell Nabbosa to keep them for him,” a workmate to Nabbosa revealed to us.

The source says that after work, Gitta would pick Nabbosa in his car and drive her home some thing that annoyed Ssebagala. Sources say Ssebagala also landed to telephone love messages which Gitta was sending to Nabbosa.

Close pals to Ssebagala intimated to us that after landing on love messages b between Gitta and Nabbosa, he went and opened up a case at Entebbe police under family and child protection Unit where Gitta was summoned but declined to show up.

When contacted Gitta Alex for his side of the story, he said the matter is before court and anytime justice will be revealed. “Whatever Ssebagala is claiming is just baseless let him brig eveidence.He is just intending to tarnish my image,” said Gitta during interview.

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