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Seven Perish in Road Accident





At least seven people have been confirmed dead by police following a road accident that occurred on Sunday night along Kyotera- Mutukura road, we have established.

The accident occurred at around 10pm at Lukoma village in Kakuuto Sub County, Kyotera District after a taxi Reg number UBE 476G knocked a Noah Reg. number UAX 370N face to face.

According to eye witnesses, four people died on spot while several others were rushed to Kakuuto health facility in critical conditions. Eye witness added that three other people who were in critical conditions died shortly after reaching the health center.

According to statement issued by Dr Edward Muwanga, the Kakuuto Hospital Medical Superintendent said the victims had sustained severe injuries and the doctors are trying as much as they can to treat them.

The two drivers were seriously injured and could not speak to the traffic officers.

Norman Muhanguzi, the Kyotera District Traffic Officer, said the two vehicles were moving at very high speeds and both drivers failed to control their vehicles leading to the accident.

The two drivers were seriously injured and could not give their accounting stories to traffic officers,” he said

However, James Kakooza an eye witness said the lights of the Noah were not in good condition.

He argues that this could have confused the taxi driver who ended up knocking it without noticing it was on the road.

“We were moving behind the Noah and bypassed it when its lights were off. When I heard of the accident later on, I just realized the taxi driver must have not seen it coming his way”, he explained.

Muhanguzi said that, the traffic officers have always emphasized road safety rules but people are totally hesitant in complying with them.

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