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UPDF Sends 1800 to Somalia





The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) has finalized plans to send a total of 1800 soldiers to Somalia to pursue Alshabab terrorists.  According to sources the officers will head to Somalia in mid April. During a military brief at UPDF barracks based in Singo, Nakaseke District, officers have been warned to avoid corruption while on mission.

Go on mission with the aim of promoting peace. Don’t get involved in stealing fuel, posh among others, “A senior UPDF officer was quoted telling officers who are set for mission.

We promote peace with our neighbors. We want other nations to prosper and that’s why we send our UPDF soldiers to other countries. While in AMISOM, we expect you to be lawful.


Many of you have already started borrowing thinking when you come back from Somalia you’ll be loaded & paying debts. You need to have financial literacy. Don’t be like those who went before you. If you didn’t have a bicycle,why buy a car yet you can save that money? #SingoLecture

Without UPDF there is no development so that’s why you are very important.”

Ofwono Opondo

Government Spoke’s man.

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