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M7 Arua Saga, Police Officers Demoted





Police court seating in Arua has today demoted police officers who neglected their duties that resulted into the stoning of President Museveni convoy car in Arua last year during the by Election to replace the murdered former MP Col Ibrahim Abiriga.

The officers were demoted after court found them guilty of neglect of duty contrary sec 44 subsections 1 code 19 of police Act. The demoted officers include Jonathan Musinguzi who acted as Regional Police Commander (RPC). He has been demoted from Superintendent of Police (SP) to Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). This means that Musinguzi can now serve in the capacity of Officer In charge of the Station (OC) or head of operations at the Station.

Mugweri Edward who was acting as Regional Crime Intelligence officer has been demoted from Superintendent of Police to Assistant Superintendent of police, Abbas Ssenyongo was the former DPC was demoted from Superintendent of Police to Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) meaning that Ssenyonjo can only be deployed as Officer In Charge of Station or Officer in Charge of operations at the police station.

Others who were affected include Junena Robert Akia who was deployed in FFU.

Regional CID officer Herbert Wanyoto, was subjected to severe reprimand while Arua OC Traffic Officer Onen Francis, was acquitted of all charges. This means that if Wanyoto is implicated in any criminal offence the only punishment he can get is dismissal.

Officers you have the right to appeal to higher court within 14 days if you have not been satisfied with the ruling of this court,” Odongipiny during his ruling.

The court sentences came after collecting all the necessary evidence that the suspects failed to adequately deploy the available manpower of over 500 police officers and mercenaries that were at their disposal to secure the route of the president.

They thus put the life of the person of the president in danger by forcing the SFC to leave their cardinal role which all tantamount to neglect of duty.

The witnesses said that the officers failed to make correct judgment and they took it for granted that the president had all along been coming to the district and nothing had happened to him even though there were early signs that there could be violence.

The witnesses also said that there was a lapse in the operation, poor intelligence and lack of proper information flow during the incidence.

During the hearing, all the officers asked for lenient sentences on grounds that they are first time offenders and being key witnesses in the treason case against the 34 people in Gulu magistrate’s court but the prosecution led by Ibanda Stephen established that endangering the life of the President is unacceptable.

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