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Senior Uganda people’s defense force UPDF bosses last month clashed over the selection of soldiers to be deployed in United Nations mission in Mogadishu capital in Somalia known as United Nations Guard Unit UNGU.

UNGU is a united nation mission slot where UPDF deploys its soldiers to guard diplomatic places, residents and homes of diplomats and it is centered in Mogadishu capital in Somalia.

General Muhoozi. SYPREPORTS

According to our highly placed security spies, the clash of top UPDF bosses came after each of them wanted to sneak in his or her relative and they all refused to follow the UPDF Protocol of deployment which forced LT Gen Peter Elweru the Commander land forces in UPDF to halt and stop immediately the selection first and make orders of how the selection will be done.

“I have gotten intelligence that all the soldiers who are being selected for UNGU mission have not passed through the right channels  and its from this information that I order for the selection to stop until I understand the logic which is being used,” our spy quoted Lt Gen Peter Elweru saying.

Our spies added that Gen Elweru had told all the commanders of different units to ensure that soldiers who are selected for the UNGU mission come from those units where they are deployed but to his shock he came to know that most of the selected soldiers are relatives of the top bosses in UPDF and that few of the commanders had followed his orders and instructions which forced him to stop the exercise with immediate effect until he rectified the problem and most the selected soldiers who had passed via the ventilator because they are related with top officers were removed from the squad and a normal procedure was followed.

Our sources also told us how every soldier who goes for UNGU mission gets between shs 46- 50M a year and that their money is not taxed and they are paid by UN and UPDF has no control over that money which makes most top army guys deciding to put their relatives so that they can enjoy that money.

Our sources added that no nonsense Elweru later reopened the selection after chasing away all the soldiers who had been smuggled in the squad by the top army bosses who are their relatives and a total number of over 500 soldiers are already in Singo training wing where they are going to spend three months of training before they leave for Mogadishu capital in Somalia for the Diplomatic Mission named United Nations Guard Unit UNGU.

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